Vintage 14K Dove Motif Pendant set with 41 Seed Pearls & 10kt Yellow Gold Chain

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Vintage 14K Dove Motif Pendant set with 41 Seed Pearls & 10kt Yellow Gold Chain

This is a beautiful Dove Motif Pendant. 

Beautiful Vintage Pendant attached to a small 10kt Yellow Gold Chain. 

This pendant and chain are very fine and delicate. Must be very well taken care of as this item could be easily broken. 

The use of seed pearls in fine jewellery throughout the latter part of the 19th century was immensely popular, with elaborate decorative brooches, tiaras, pins and earrings being very representative of Victorian fashion at the time.

A seed pearl is a small natural pearl, formed in either a saltwater oyster or freshwater mussel, that is usually less than 2mm in diameter.

Doves are considered to be pure due to their typical role as a messenger or a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Doves are also common in Islamic mythology. A common tie between the three Abrahamic religions is the image of a dove carrying an olive branch, symbolizing peace. 

Dove symbolism and meanings : Love, Grace, Promise, Devotion, Divinity, Holiness, Sacrifice, Maternal, Ascension, Messenger, Hopefulness & Purification! 

This item has been appraised by a reputable third party appraisal company. The appraisal company is Bijouterie Besner, Located in Quebec, Canada. 

This item is appraised at: $849.00 

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