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Everest's first strap idea for Rolex wearers was a revolutionary rubber strap that would perfectly hug the case of a Rolex sports watch while also integrating with a Rolex Deployment clasp. Everest has evolved the idea of a Rolex replacement rubber strap over time and now we use Swiss vulcanized Rubber that is durable, resistant to dirt & dust, luxuriously finished, and incredibly comfortable to wear.

We have a passion to combine function and beauty with our unique Rubber strap.

We do not settle when it comes to quality or comfort. Everest's constant goal is to create replacement watch bands that meet or exceed the standard of a Rolex wearer. Clearly, you will not be disappointed with the hand finished Swiss Rubber Everest Band for your Rolex.



There are countless materials that say that they are "rubber" such as silicone, thermoplastic, EPDM, HNBR, NBR and of course true Vulcanized Rubber. Other then Vulcanized Rubber, the others just do not have the benefits of Vulcanized Rubber for watch straps.

Our rubber straps have excellent resistance to UV rays, excessive heat and cold, stretching, tearing, dirt & dust, abrasion, chemicals, staining, and even water. Our unique rubber polymer is molded in Switzerland to our precision dimensions and will last you for countless years of abuse while still looking excellent.


Everest’s products are the pinnacle of watch strap technology. The rubber is a “vulcanized rubber” which provides superior resistant to damage and the elements. This long-lasting, resistant strap allows Rolex owners to reach new limits and explore new adventures with their Rolex. The Swiss vulcanized rubber is incredibly soft but miraculously durable.

Everest’s Rubber straps have two buckle options - Tang & Deployant. Everest’s Tang buckle straps have 9 sizing holes to fit to any wrist at the current standard 80mm x 120mm length. The Deployant straps incorporate Rolex’s factory clasps that come with the bracelet, so Rolex wearers can incorporate the unique clasping mechanism and keep the look of an OEM element. Additionally, the Deployant straps have 6 size combinations for the perfect fit to any wrist size.

We know as Rolex owners, quality, technology and beauty are the cornerstones of why you wear a Rolex. With all of the Everest product lines- quite simply, you will not be disappointed.



One of the unique characteristics about the Rolex Submariner and other Rolex sport models is the connection of the solid end link to the case of the Rolex watch.

To make a strap for a Rolex watch, one must first think about how it looks on the watch itself. Since we create straps that keep the essence of a Rolex, we must have a rubber strap that hugs the case perfectly.

Our choice of a robust, over-engineered case connection came due to Rolex's focus on creating a perfect, above the bar design in every aspect of the watch. Our rubber strap does exactly that, it connects to the case seamlessly giving an oyster-style look.

It is additionally strengthened with a permanent hardened insert that is embedded in the rubber at the connection of the case. Our case connection is gap-free, resistant to jarring and keeps the essence of a Rolex perfectly.