About Us 

Hub City Time: Family Owned & Operated - Lovers of Watches 

Hub City Time is the love and joy of David Ostridge. David started collecting pocket watches as a teenager. The collector in David started to become a bigger and bigger collector as the years progressed. About 15 years ago, he turned the basement of his house into a work shop area just for himself and his collection. Then he built a "shed" in his own back yard to help organize his watches and tools. 5 years ago he purchased a complete watch shop that once resided in the old Highfield Square Mall. At this time, he opened up shop in the "back garage". This was not the best location, but for 5 years it worked well!! 

Today, we are at 90 Highfield Street, Moncton, New Brunswick! We have a much nicer location then the old back garage. We are located on the first floor of the duplex! Clocks line the walls as you walk into the store. 

David completes watch repair in house. He specializes in repairing watches that most others will not fix or cannot. We are lucky to have a vast variety of vintage new old stock watch parts for 1000's of different watches! 

Also on our team is Megan Ostridge, David's daughter! Megan is responsible for all of the online listings (both ebay and our website), all communication, and shipping. If you've purchased from us online then you have dealt with Megan directly! 

Being a family owned and operated company we value exceptional customer service! We try and offer customer service that has long since vanished. 



Hub City Time - 90 Highfield Street, Moncton, NB, E1C5N5